Goals of the MBUR program

  • Engage undergraduates in interdisciplinary research;
  • Enhance knowledge of mathematical biology;
  • Develop effective cross-disciplinary communications;
  • Institutionalize courses and degree options in biomathematics;
  • Recruit underrepresented minorities to the field;

      To accomplish these goals, competitive research awards will be given to selected undergraduate students (MB scholars) to undertake interdisciplinary research at YSU.  These awards will be made at the end the fall semester of a student’s sophomore or junior year.  MB scholars will be introduced to potential research topics and given preparatory instruction in the following spring semester in course M/B 3701.  During this semester, teams composed of an equal number of biology and mathematics majors will propose research projects with the assistance of faculty mentors. In the summer, they will engage in a full time effort on their proposed research topic.  They will continue their research during the following fall/spring semester and submit a final written report, in journal ready format, for course M/B 4882.  Students will disseminate their results through journal publications and presentations at scientific meetings.  This will assure a sustained involvement of undergraduates in biomathematical research for at least one year.  These research projects will be jointly mentored by faculty from mathematics and biology.

      We aspire to capture the imaginations of students and to lead well trained and motivated students into the field of biomathematics.  Engagement of students in group discussions, oral presentations, and the writing of manuscripts for publication will assure that they become proficient in interdisciplinary communication and become active participants in the research community.   This will provide students with unique research experiences and prepare them for a number of career choices, including graduate education and applied research. 

MBURDepartment of Mathematics and StatisticsDepartment of Biological SciencesYoungstown State University

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