MBUR Program at YSU

Guidelines for Student Participants

    The MBUR program will expect a sustained involvement by each student for a minimum of one year, beginning spring semester and continuing through the following fall semester.  A second year of involvement is also possible.

    In spring semester, student participants will be required to take MATH 3701 or BIOL 3701 (Biomathematics Seminar; 1 sh).  In this course, participants will be introduced to potential research topics and given preparatory instruction.  Biology and Mathematics students will then be paired together into teams.  With the assistance of faculty mentors, each student team will determine and design the scientific direction and specific experiments for their research project. 

    Over the subsequent summer, students will engage in faculty-supervised research projects on their proposed topic.  These projects will require intensive efforts and students should anticipate working 40 hours per week during the first 10 week period of the summer semester (May 21-July 27).  A stipend of approximately $3800 (before taxes, etc.) will be paid to each student participant during the summer. 

    During fall semester, students will be required to take MATH 4882 or BIOL 4882 (Biomathematics Research; 1-2 sh).  As part of this course, students will complete their projects and write a final summary report, in journal ready format, of their research efforts and provide an oral presentation to other participants.  Students will be eligible to receive a stipend ($700 maximum) during the fall depending on availability of funds. 

    Students will also be strongly encouraged to disseminate their findings through journal publications, student presentations at YSU Quest, or presentations at regional or national scientific meetings.

    The Biomathematics Seminar and Biomathematics Research courses taken as part of this program may be applied to either the major or minor in Biological Sciences or Mathematics, or may be applied to the new academic minor in Biomathematics

     Research projects may be chosen from, but are not limited to, those listed under Potential Research Projects.


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