Research at the interface between biology and mathematics is a rapidly evolving field and holds great promise for enhancing both disciplines in the future. This growing field of mathematical biology applies mathematics and modeling to biologically important questions such as the biochemistry and proteomics of cellular dynamics. These collaborations will address fundamental scientific issues that underlying the mechanisms of neuronal activity patterns, ion transport dynamics in cardiac myocytes, tolerance to selenium toxicity, and other topics in biochemistry and proteomics. Undergraduates at Youngstown State University (YSU) can now participate in interdisciplinary research due to a grant by the National Science Foundation’s “Interdisciplinary Training for Undergraduates in Biology and Mathematical Sciences (UBM)” program. Student teams comprised of both biology majors and mathematics or statistics majors will work on research projects at the boundaries of biology and mathematics.

    Drs. Leipheimer and Ritchey, chairpersons of the Biology and Mathematics departments respectively at YSU, agree that the program is ideal for biology majors that like mathematics and for mathematics or statistics majors that want to apply their skills to biological problems.

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