Potential Research Projects

Research Projects

            The central theme of the research will be ‘Mathematical Modeling of Cellular Processes.’ The unifying features are the time dependence of the phenomena and the propagation of information through signaling cascades. In all of these projects, a detailed comparison of the mathematical models and the biological systems will be used to advance understanding of the underlying mechanisms.



Neuronal activity patterns in prefrontal cortex neurons.  Dr. Womble (Biology) and Dr. Jalics (Math).  This project will investigate the neuronal activity patterns in prefrontal cortex neurons using neurophysiological techniques and a mathematical model of the neuron.





Cardiac dynamics and susceptibility to rhythm disturbances.  Dr. Womble (Biology) and Dr. Jalics (Math).  This project utilizes electrophysiological, immunochemical, and mathematical modeling methods to investigate the cellular mechanisms underlying deadly rhythm disturbances (arrhythmias) in the heart.




Modeling the growth of bacteria in toxic environments by cell count and proteomics.  Dr. Caguiat (Biology) and Drs. Yates and Smotzer (Math).  This project will examine the growth characteristics and the proteins expressed by bacteria grown in a toxic environment.  Data obtained from these studies will be used to develop mathematical models of bacterial growth rates under varying conditions.



Cooperative gene expression patterns during fungal morphogenesis.  Dr. Cooper (Biology) and Dr. Yates (Math).  Using mathematical models, this project seeks to establish the relationship among a series of functionally related genes during controlled cellular development in fungi.



Mathematical Modeling of Riparian Ecosystem and Landform Dynamics. Dr. Diggins (Biology) and Dr. Yates (Math). The dynamics of formation and successional development of forests with a river canyon are modeled. The goal is to validate the model and subsequently predict the future riparian ecosystem under a variety of real or hypothetical conditions.

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